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Jeff Mills



01.  The Secret
02.  Human Condensing
03.  Programmed To Kill
04.  Free Thinkers(The Dream)
05.  Search For Sigmund Marx
06.  Tracer 1
07.  Homing Device
08.  Operation To Free Garth
09.  Zeller
10.  Running Through Time
11.  Dreams Of Dreams
12.  Mason’s Relationship
13.  Consequences
14.  Tracer 2
15.  Free Thinkers (The Reality)

Total Time: 59.00

It is the year 2087. The world had become a place where thoughts were not only monitored and restricted, but also, muted or reconstructed to favor the current rulers of Earth and its inhabitants. The once exceptional human was merely reduced to a byproduct in the multi-dimensional industry of Planetary Hypostatisification. A boundless depository of Cosmic energy controlled by an unknown force that had become too powerful to even reveal itself.

A small and resourceful group of young scientists, engineers and devoted supporters create and send back through time a Cyborg. A low technological invention consisting of human fibers and machine. Out of desperation and precise planning, he is sent back to the year 1966 to prevent Earth’s leading mathematician from thinking about the numeric breakthrough that would eventually lead to the mass thought control and human manipulation of the future. The Cyborg (Garth) soon discovers he is not alone in his mission, giving grave suspicion to possible traitors or spy within the young group of his creators.

Garth succeeds in finding and assassinating his target, but as the result, he alters the Future and becomes the only remaining symbol of a time that never existed. A man out of Time.

2087 is inspired by the Science Fiction film ” Cyborg: 2087″(1966) by the writer Arthur C. Pierce, directed by Franklin Adreon. Plot modification and soundtrack by Jeff Mills.