3 x Special Series


Sold Out


Jeff Mills


3 x 7″ Vinyl

Infinite Special (AX-GREEN)
To be completely honest, this wasn’t my first encounter. In fact, I’ve seen them many times. Mostly in the early evening. They would hover around those trees over there. I’d say, they would stay there for about 30 minutes and then quickly disappear upward into the clouds. If I took my eyes away, I’d miss the whole thing. Never had the chance to meet any of them. Not yet anyway.

Connection Special (AX-RED)
Look, don’t ask me again!. I didn’t seen anything strange that night………wait. Well, it was more windy that night. More than usual. I can remember the wind whistling through the trees. It was a constant breeze that lasted for about 3 hours. Then all of the sudden, it stopped and everything became very still.

Illumination Special (AX-SILVER)
Green. No, wait. They weren’t exactly green. It was more brown I suppose. This time, there were more of them. I’d say, about 300. Roughly all around the same height. One of them made a funny noise and all of the turn and faced the front of their spacecraft. It was something like a scene out of one those Science Fiction movies from the 1950’s. I never return back to that part of the woods again after that.