3 x Special Series


Sold Out


Jeff Mills


3 x 7″ Vinyl

Highlight Special (AX-Gold)
“The lights were so bright, I could barely see what it was. After a while, my eyes began to adapt to the strong light and focus better. It was size of five football fields with a translucent silver haze that cover the whole thing. It had tiny white and red lights that resembled a jelly fish. It was completely silent, the thing never made a single sound the entire time it was there. Strange, that something of that size did not make a sound.”

Contact Special (AX-White)
“I just wanted to see if it would communicate back so, I raised my arms and hands over my head and began to wave them back and forth. Nothing happened for a few minutes then something happened that I’ll never forget. I felt a warmness all over my body. Like as if the sunlight hits you after being in the shade. It felt wonderful.”

Absolute Special (AX-Black)
“Well, it was about 7pm in the evening. I had just finished dinner and I thought I heard a sound on the left side of my house. I got my flashlight, slowly walked to the door and peaked out to see what I could see. Then, I heard the sound again so I opened the door and shouted “Who’s there, is anybody there?”. “Come out right now or I’ll shoot”. There was no answer so, I walked around the end of the back porch, paused and shouted again. Just as I was about to jump out and surprise them, my dog Skip started to bark and ran in front of my and started sniffing the wall where I heard the noises. They were gone.