A Trip To The Moon





Jeff Mills

The album is newly recorded sound track of the “A Trip To The Moon” film by Georges Melies in 1902.  The Lobster Films in France has released a DVD of the same film with Jeff Mills’ sound tracks in November 2016.
The famous silent film is only for 16 minutes or so but Mills has finished the entire tracks for this sound track album.

When Georges Méliès created Trip To The Moon in 1902, the world was just beginning to feel the tightening, yet exciting effects of another giant leap in modern civilization with the Industrial Age. It was a place in time that was transformable and in all dimensions of an evolutionary process: social, economic and political revolutions were buzzing. As man worked hard under the Sun, exposing his efforts and determination, it was the Moon that hatched his dreams. It was a time of realization and a time of romance”.   – Jeff Mills

Track Listing:
01.  Theory And Plans (The Trip)
02.  The Believers
03.  Rocket Spaceship Destination – Moon 1
04.  Amongst The Stars
05.  Outer Space
06.  Fast Descent To The Surface
07.  Winds Across The Vast Landscape
08.  Strange Plants And Other Botanica
09.  Sleepy Time
10.  The Feeling Of Being Watched
11.  Underground And The Moon People
12.  Captured And Under Their Control
13.  Bewilded, But Not Confused
14.  The Escape
15.  Helo’s Welcome
(approx 60 min)