Contact Special CD



Jeff Mills


Booklet, CD

Japanese import with 16 page color booklet (Japanese and English).

Imagine a place not far away that displayed signs of intelligent life. Life that is able enough to sustain it’s own survival, that in the ever-changing times, it progresses from collective efforts of establishing and regulating rules and laws in which to be governed by. As lifeforms, we are unconditionally connected. Each of us suffers from a desire to co-exist in harmony within our given and sometimes, challenging conditions. To stray beyond dreams is a quest for anyone who wishes to transcend into the light of the infinite domain. – Jeff Mills

Track Listing:
1. Another Day in the Jungle
2. Belief System
3. Our Natural Ability
4. Detections of a Unknown Force
5. Procced with Caution
6. Don’t Look Into The Light
7. Touched
8. Revealing the Infinite
9. Transfusion
10. Far Beyond the Dream
11. Intruder Alert
12. Interference
13. Bi-Optic Implants
14. The Rise of a New Reality
15. A Universal Voice That Speaks to All That Will Listen
16. Long Journey Home
17. Wait, Another Detection
18. Another Day, Another Jungle

Note: The tracks in “Contact Special” were originally released on the limited 7 inch series, which were available at Axis Shop in Barcelona/London/Barcelona and on this online Axis Shop.