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David Reina


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The human being has always had an intrinsic interest in the exploration of space. We explore to find intelligent life, but also … Can we explore to find ourselves? In a way, we are a limit. In any case, Technosignatures are everything that we recognize as technology that helps us explore if there is intelligent life in space, through any evidence, past or present.

If we have more advanced technology in the future, could we find intelligent life through Technosignatures?
Definitely, each technosignature has a different upper limit. There are many opportunities in the future to detect technosignatures thanks to the development of new and more powerful instruments. The best example, with which we are most familiar, is the radio waves. It is what the searches for extraterrestrial life that have been carried out in recent decades have mainly focused on.

But it’s not the only option. There are many other technosignatures that have not been thoroughly explored. Not to mention, new possibilities are being added as time goes by. It can be things like laser emissions, which could be used as an optical communication mode. They could also be used as a motor. Similarly, we could find megastructures. Or, to put a very different option, detect the presence of polluting elements in an atmosphere.

There is also the possibility that technosignatures are widely distributed.

Likewise, they could be more abundant, more obvious and much clearer. It is possible that they can be detected even if their origin is in other galaxies. At the same time, it is possible to think that a very advanced species has dominated space travel, so that, surely, they will have expanded to other nearby planets, star systems and perhaps even different universes.

Space travel and the search for civilizations in other parts of the Universe is one of the great challenges of modern astronomy. For this reason, NASA has recently analyzed the detection of technosignatures and determine what we can expect in the future. That is, what should we do to detect signs of other civilizations?

Credits: Written, produced and mixed by David Reina. Concept: David Reina, M.J. Colon.  Mastered by KTC Mastering.  Artwork: Teorema Studio

David Reina: born in Córdoba, south of Spain. His musical career began in the mid 90ʼs after having been involved in Hip Hop for a few years. In 1997 he began to get involved in Electronic music and more specially in Techno, feeling more attracted for the Underground scene. After a decade playing around Spain and twice in the United States, and having shared stage with international artists in numerous venues and events, he decided to study music production and sound technician. Releasing his music in the following years in labels such as: Subsist, Main Concept, Rhod, Gynoid Audio, Induxtriall, DarkForest, Methodical… just to name a few. In 2018 he started his own record label called Legend 1997 Records focused on Sci-Fi, Minimalistic Techno and Cinematic Soundscapes.

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