Deetron – Rotational Gravity


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In the not too distant future the prospect of living in habitats in open space should become a reality. Cylindrical spaces adapted to the needs of mankind rotate in the magnitude of space using the inexhaustible energy of the sun reflected into these habitats, allowing for life to flourish within. Rotational gravity creates the equivalent to earth gravity. This album was inspired by the idea of being able to write music in an environment in open space designed in such a manner. In a refuge created to be completely immersed in the music while being surrounded by the magnitude of space.



Having been involved with making and playing music for over 20 years, Deetron is an artist who is assured in his ambitions and a highly skilled performer. Deetron has maintained a high level of quality in every aspect of his career: from mind boggling three-deck DJ-sets to his special touch on remixes or simply for his own diverse range of productions.

The 42-year-old’s story is not an uncommon one; growing up in Bern, Switzerland the young Deetron fell in love with hip-hop and yearned to become a turntablist. Inspired by a childhood friend, who won the Swiss regional DMC heats, and local hero DJ Djaimin as well as an eye-opening set by Jeff Mills in the early nineties, he absorbed the traditions of DJing: those basic, yet crucially important elements; a broad yet accessible selection, true skills built up from hours and hours of practice and dedication. Skip forward a couple of decades and that same young man is now idolised by a new generation of DJs and producers all over the world and those early influences have been retained and implemented to great effect throughout his career. A master of not two, but three decks, his mixing ability is second to none and vinyl is still an intrinsic part of his creative process, pledging wholehearted allegiance to his roots.

Likewise, his productions retain a familiar ‘Deetron sound’ at their core, yet he can happily skip from sultry vocals and dainty chords to tougher compositions. There’s no contrived approach to his music, just a natural progression that stems from his broad musical palette and an innate desire to avoid becoming stagnant. Most interesting was the transitional phase Deetron found himself in, with the vocal element of his music coming to the fore and injecting a new wave of excitement into his production process. Which, in turn was the fuel behind his second album ‘Music Over Matter’ (Music Man Records, 2013) – a collection of dancefloor-ready tracks that featured a host of special guests across the house and techno worlds.

Deetron has plenty in store for 2021 with a string of EP’s, remixes and new music by The Storytellers duo.

For Deetron music is everything, and it goes beyond the individuals who make and play it. It’s in his DNA and it’s this unrelenting passion that takes him effortlessly from studio to stage in the same pulse.


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