Dekeyden – Inner Reality


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Earth is distant.
The person seems to have disappeared. The transhumanistic elite, brought human beings to the fusion with AI. Biomechanical absoluteness has lowered everything to an implementation.
During an expedition towards a close nebula, a signal from nowhere destroys the internal firewall of one of them.
Just an error, generated by that noise, gives rise to an ancient perception, something hits himself, those are emotions, he ‘s alive.
After he almost reached any space, and travelled for such long time
his essential trip starts again,
the inner one, for an old-new interdimensional tale…

Dekeyden: Italian uprising artist Dekeyden AKA Davide Nannini,  is no stranger to the underground scene, he is a long standing musician passed true many aliases, performances and releases. Djing and playing live for years across different platforms, with a clean attitude, for pure underground Techno. During the time he has been involved in educational programs, art installations and as a music advisor for many young artists. He’s also an educator of sound design and a mixing engineer. This project sees the light at the end of 2019 making his debut on the iconic label Planet Rhythm, a 4 tracks Ep which attracts the attention of the scene. After only two years he’s already gained releases on the likes of Axis Records, AWRY, Molecular Recordings, Epm Music… Focus on a sinister, hypnotic and driving sound, his pieces can spanning from peak-time weapons, to deeper melancholic breakbeats and soundscapes.

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