Dimi Angélis – Abstract Universe: The Past, Present & Future


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Dimi Angélis


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Ever since his first encounters with techno, Dimi Angélis has remained intrigued by its minimalist nature. Abstract, hypnotizing elements that, when played at the right, high BPM during a DJ-set will create something transcendent. An actual journey.

Although he’s produced numerous tracks before, some of them of this very stripped down nature, never before did he do so as part of an EP, let alone an album. About time then to venture away from his trademark raw stuff into minimalist territory and touch hidden roots.

With Abstract Universe Dimi returns to Axis Records, having previously released The Martian Mystique EP in 2006 on 6277, as one half of Counterpart. Since then Dimi has released a string of music on his own ANGLS Records, Mord, Warm Up Records, Falling Ethics and Key Vinyl.

“This project is a culmination of a number of lengthy studio sessions, dating back to November of 2019”, Dimi explains. “Inspired by the early work by Robert Hood, I used only the Roland TR-909, SH-101, JP-08 and sequenced them using Machine Drum. I wanted to create an album that will work at any club’s dancefloor.”

The result shows. Simplicity is key throughout. High tempo, drums, that one bassline and meticulous groove-elements. “I strived to keep the arrangement captivating by making subtle, slight changes to it. A hi-hat, a ride, a short break, never overindulging. Less really is more.”

“Those recording sessions turned into live jams, the best parts of which I’ve selected and are now on this album.”

Eleven of them made the cut, containing everything from dark and deep to stripped funk and peak time minimal. Hardware only, one take, no computers, no edits.

“Abstract Universe feels like coming full circle for me, rediscovering the essence of techno through the elimination of everything but the bare essentials. Rhythm and groove at its finest.”

All tracks produced by Dimi Angélis
Mastering: MaSpaventi
Artwork/Design: JRD

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