DJ Surgeles – Tales From The Extraordinary


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DJ Surgeles


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This storyline is about the last number of humans on this planet.
They know about the entire history of mankind, it is the year 7934 when the end of mankind is in sight.
The “survivors” tell each other the wildest stories, what humanity has achieved, personal stories and how to prevent human extinction.
The latter predominates in the conversations.
Due to the destruction of nature by man, we have encountered ourselves, we can not longer go back, nature has been damaged so much that there is no longer any way to save it.
The music tells several events what the “survivors told eachother on the last days on Planet Earth as mankind.
Will they find a way out to save humanity?
Humanity was once so strong, but now greatly reduced in numbers, it is not as it used to be, we have to fight to survive.

Tales From The Extraordinary, Year: 7934

Credits: Artwork by Yvonne Cilia and Leon Dekker. Music composed by DJ Surgeles.

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