DVS1 – Beta Sensory Motor Rhythm


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From the perceiving body to the liminal space of the dream-state, audible frequencies send a neurofeedback message. A paradigm-shift is activated in the mind. A movement from the present hour toward the realm beyond measure.

The pulse of a synthesized kick. The distance between evolving rhythms of time & place left behind. Sensations created in forgotten corners of the consciousness are distant, yet familiar. A low-penetrating drum beat pulsates. Hypnotic hallucinations reveal detailed layers, oscillating from the back to the forefront of the dream. Synth programming yields abstract ideas into concrete images. Lucid percussion arranged to paint a deeper shade of architecture in this future-memory-system.

Be aware that sensations resonate into imagination without warning. The observer extends from rational thought to a deeper state of understanding. The mind-body experience gives way to a transient response from a shock wave to the steady state. The senses reach entrainment.

The body and mind eventually sync.


Best known as one of techno’s most prominent voices, DVS1 has dedicated his lifework to sound as an immersive experience: whether it be through his Wall of Sound installations or a night behind the decks, DVS1 is committed to protecting the values and ethos of the dance music ecosystem through his work and words.  Born in St. Petersburg, Russia and raised in Minneapolis, DVS1 cultivated his unique craft over 25 years ago, promoting & DJing parties in the Midwest rave scene of the 1990s.  A true “beat & rhythm addict” on both techno and house floors around the globe, Khutoretsky’s DJ style is a mixture of technical prowess and thoughtful selection. He is an active resident at both Berghain/Panorama Bar & Bassiani and Label-owner of HUSH & sub-label Mistress Recordings. He partnered and founded Berlin’s 4D Sound space MONOM and most recently started S.O.S. (Support Organize Sustain), an initiative to preserve the future of the dance community in collaboration with other innovative thinkers in the electronic music scene.

Credit: Beta Motor Sensory Rhythm produced by DVS1 exclusively for AXIS Records.
Mastering: Manmade Mastering
Inertia & Transient Response: Mixdown by Mike Bierbach
Hypnagogia: Vocal by Andrew “Naughty” Wood, Mixdown by Phil Moffa

Artwork/Design: Ben Hribar,  Text: Celina Dzyacky

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