Echelon – The Five Eyes


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With tones intercepted for the first time in the middle of the 90’s, yet then operating under different names and in various constellations, the transition into Echelon, and the projects transmission of sounds entering the world, began in 2017.

Travelling undisclosed and discreet through space and time, Echelon’s velocity has now reached the point of presenting ‘The Five Eyes’. This journey is a hypnotic, moody, extraterrestrial and minimalistic saga of signals, meeting it’s receiver in the shape of ambience, feelings and energy.

The Echelon is conceived in total secrecy. Embedded deep in the contemporary landscape, it’s sole purpose is to function as an anonymous observer, translating it’s findings into music and movement. Officially, however, Echelon doesn’t exist.

Echelon (Jeroen Search):

Dutchman Jeroen Search is one of techno’s most infuential producers, but is also a well-kept public secret.
Putting out consistently high quality music since the mid nineties, he is always right at the sharp end of the techno spectrum.  Named by many as a source of inspiration, Jeroen Search embodies a clear and honest interpretation of techno. His tracks, while continually evolving, always remain true to that typical Search-sound. Given his always refreshing output, he has seen no need to completely reinvent himself and instead keeps on putting out his always timeless techno, much to the delight of fans everywhere. With strong support from major names, Jeroen Search continues to tour the world.  Spellbinding audiences with his expertly crafted DJ sets and truly inspirational live sets, and claiming his space at the table of the absolute cutting edge of techno.

Artwork by Jordy Roelands
Mastered by Glenn Keteleers
Video by Andy Godschalk – Reach Visuals

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