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In the 22nd century, at the edge of the end of the world, humanity discovers a new planet in the Solar System; in fact, thanks to the Event Detector telescope and to its warp-wiev technology, men are capable to notice an aqueous sphere identical to the Earth behind the Sun, in orbit and position perfectly specular to the blue planet.

The aerospace vanguards establish the mission Discovery Behind the Sun in which a scientists and an explorers team travel on board of Cyrillia, the ship armed with the Undo technology, the ultimate astronauts’ hope against Universe’s dangers. Between cosmic snares and space storms the crew travel towards what looks like a new home for men: Antichthon.

Route is often interrupted and system failures aren’t long in coming but exactly in the middle of their journey there is the encounter destined to change their reality: in the opposite direction a twin ship is transporting a team which is identical to the Cyrillia’s one, these are the men of Antichthon traveling towards what seems to be their future home: Earth.


Giri, known also as Gi Napoletano, was born and grown in Naples. Started playing with electronic music at 13 with a makeshift daw, Music, a Playstation videogame. His techno attitude has been more and more influenced by Detroit’s Second Wave and UK techno scene. He released tracks on Awry, Evod, Labyrinth, Prophet, New Rhythmic, Srie and others, and performed alongside artists such as Laurent Garnier, Steve Bicknell, Juan Atkins, Anthony Rother, Moritz von Oswald, Octave One, Matthew Herbert, Scan 7 and others. During the first Italian lockdown (May 2020) he founded his label : Antiterra, whose name sums up the sci-fi concept of a theoretical planet in the Solar System which shares its orbit with Earth and is constantly eclipsed by the sun.

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