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As the Sound helps to understand the universe and how to store information, pythagoras and his followers came to think that there would also be “numerical relationships between the orbits of the planets or between other things of nature” and that the stars would move with the so-called “harmony of the spheres”, an idea that inspired astronomers during centuries.

On the other hand, they mathematized and gave rise to Western music theory, which wastaught alongside astronomy and mathematics, making it a bridge between art and science.

It is from there that the interest of Westerner Cristhian alexander soto lopez aka Gotshellemerges to try to understand mathematics a little more, leading him to develop a personaltaste both in school and in his brief time at university, where he understood that a simple number can act in synchrony as even numbers do and totally randomly. As can be arithmetic, starting in 2010 the producer makes his first creations where after 6 years’ experimenting, he knew the relationship between mathematics, sound and the universe, giving him to create his first vinyl called physics which shows an emulation strident of what could be the future sound of Universe and then other releases on labels like Blueprint, mord, synewave, where he has brought his spatial sound based on mathematics and Arithmetic, and with this new contribution He hopes to collect more information so that he can one day take himself into space and perhaps be heard by a non-human species.

This is my vision the why the music arrived on my life with matemátics and wire sounds and how I did make for escape the velocity in that the world move just with music.

Gotshell:  A mysterious deep sound producer forming in the dark and cold nights of the Colombia pereira is Gotshell. Gotshell a.k.a Alessan Main, is the great ambassador of the Colombia electronic music scene. After his first release on the legendary Techno imprint, Planet Rhythm in 2014, over 10 more releases came out on labels like MORD, Illegal Alien Records, BPitch, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Epm music, James Ruskin’s Blueprint, Symbolism – to name a few. His Remixes on two of the most historical acid techno foundations – Synewave and Missile Records – got attentions from many of the keys DJs in the scene, such as Carl Cox who signed him on Intec under his alias Alessan Main. Moreover, Alessan Main collaborated also with Dantiez Saunderson on Kms records, Kevins Saundersons label – and more are yet to come. Unpredictable rhythms, chaotic and psychedelic soundscapes describe his live acts that have brought him regularly in every part of his home country –Colombia – and to several successful world wide tours where he has performed at significant venues and staples such as Tresor (Berlin), Lantern (Beijing)and Flex (Vienna), amongst others. Inspired by the first wave of old school techno while expanding deeper into even more electronic and instrumental music styles like IDM, ambient, experimental and dub. Gotshell is an artist who always strives to maintain his own aesthetic and refined his composition into underground culture.

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