Hemissi – Primitive Atom


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“The Big Bang theory is that if we reverse the trajectory of all these galaxies, and we look at where they were in the past, we obtain a convergence, at a single point, an initial state of the universe that we described as “the theory of the primitive atom”, and today called the Big Bang ”


Hemissi (Anouar Hemissi), born in the south of France. Attracted by hip-hop, funk, techno and house, among other styles.He has always devoted most of his time to his passion for music. Inspired and influenced by Jeff Mills, Ben Sims, Luke Slater and many more. It was in 2020 that his project began with labels like Anemone Recordings, where he took his first steps and since then released his music on respected labels like Symbolism (Ben Sims), Mord (Bas Mooy), Olympian (Developer), and Edit Select Records. In 2021, he will release his first album on Jeff Mills’ legendary label, Axis Records.

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