Interstellar Transmissions Art Book


Sold Out


Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca


Art, Book

With Author’s Autograph

64 Pages

8 x 10.5 Inch Size

Interstellar Transmissions is an art book of digital images created by visual artist, Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca. These images are inspired by Jazz (John Coltrane, Sun Ra, Miles Davis) Detroit Techno (Underground Resistance, Jeff Mills, Los Hermanos) and also Hip Hop, Electro and Funk.  Just as albums by these music artists are built on themes of time and space, the Interstellar Transmissions art book is composed of images transmitted and received from deep space.  It is a visual journey through the universe.  All texts in the book are in 4 languages (English, Japanese, French and Spanish), transmitting to many people and cultures across the planet.

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