Jeff Mills – Cycle 30 (repress limited edition)


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Jeff Mills


12” Vinyl

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Re-press of AX008 “Cycle 30” originally released in 1994, as a celebration of Axis Records’ 30th anniversary. Coming with Jeff Mills commentary sheet.

Available only at Axis Shop ( and  300 copies available worldwide.
Limited to 2 copies per order.

The concept refers to psychological cycle of trend and preference that occur roughly every thirty years, when humans tend to repeat their experiences, giving a formula that one can strategically calculate. The symbol of the tree refers to the cycles that are shown when the trunk of the tree is horizontally cut and exposed.

Cycle 30 is signified by a unique mastering technique crafted by the late consummate mastering engineer Ron Murphy, where 8 single locked grooves were cut into a A-side of the vinyl symbolizing the tree’s interloops.

Representing the growth rings, each ring-link loop represents 30 years. Two things were achieved by the design of this release. By the reducing the track down to an infinite running loop reinforced a vision in terms how Music and its format could become more simplified, allowing even more room for listeners to interpret its purpose, helping paved the way for the style of Minimal Techno as we know today. The second objective was to show how the format of vinyl could physically display the concept.  Not just used as a carrier of sound, but also as a symbol of how Techno Music has the ability to display something tangible.