Jeff Mills – The EyeWitness



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Jeff Mills


2 x 12” Vinyl, Digital Download

Vinyl Track Listing:
A1. In A Traumatized World  (6’37”)
A2. Menticide (5’50”)
B1. Those Who Worked Against Us (6’11”)
B2. Mass Hypnosis (4’25”)
C1. Hold And Command  (6’04”)
C2. Wonderous Butterfly (5’31”)
D1. Sacred Iridescent Mirror (The Pledge) (5’05”)
D2. In A Traumatized World (Human Toll Mix) (1’38”)
D3. Indoctrination (5’31”)

Trauma and the shock effect of it – the leftover residue of harsh reality so impactful that it shapes the way you imagine, envision and calculate your position in regard to everything and everyone around you.

A new type of psychological radius evolves. Boundaries are reinforced. Relationships are re-accessed. A damaged brief system float aimlessly. Vulnerable to anything and for anything reminiscent of a worthy cause.

There are no bystanders, only those who wish to see or not.  The Eyewitness


Vocal arrangements in A1 “In A Traumatized World” by Jeff Mills.  The Eyewitness is composed, produced and performed by Jeff Mills for Axis Records. Sound enhancement by Steve Kovacs. Published by Millsart/Edition Carola. Front/back cover photographs by Jacob Khrist. Artwork by Annita Plastica.  Distribution by NEWS N.V. ©2024 Axis Records  All rights are reserved.

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Download size:  full album MP3 approx 150MB / Wav 44.1kHz 24bit approx 1GB