Joaquin Ruiz – The Cosmic Mystery


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Joaquin Ruiz


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It is the year 3050 and a New ship will be launched into space
Humanity seeks to find the answer about the magnitude of the UNIVERSE trying to get information, data, sound frequencies, that allow us to understand life on other planets
A while ago we only believed that we were the planets in our milky way, but an observation transformed our idea about the true magnitude of the universe, revealing new and different GALAXIES in fact with the new data collected by researchers now estimate there are not actually about two trillion galaxies, rather a few hundred billion galaxies.
This ship collected fragments of interstellar sounds from the cosmos sonically exploring different galaxies stars planets and other secrets of the universe : THE COSMIC MYSTERY

Track name: [M87] – is a giant elliptical galaxy easy to see with amateur telescopes. It is the largest and most luminous galaxy in the northern part of the Virgo Cluster, and lies at the center of the Virgo  A subgroup.

Track name: [Wise] – WISE 0855-0714 is a dwarf or subdwarf brown star located 7.2  light-years from Earth. It is considered the coolest known star.

Track name: [Earth] – is a planet in the solar system that revolves around its star – the Sun  – in the third innermost orbit. It isthe densest and fifth largest of the eight planets in the solar system. It is also the largest of the four  terrestrial or rocky planets.

Track name: [Luyten] – Luyten 726-8 (L 726-8 / Gliese 65) is the eighth closest star system to the solar system, being 8.73light-years away.

Track name: [Varuna] -(20000) Varuna is a classical Kuiper belt object, with provisional designation (2000 WR106),2discovered on November 28, 2000 by the Spacewatch team from Kit Peak National Observatory (Arizona).

Track name: [Interstellar] – Interstellar space is the region between stars and should not be confused with the much emptierintergalactic space. In general, interstellar space is usually populated by large amounts of cosmic dust, although the regionaldensity can be highly variable, depending on the activity in the area.

Track name: [Solar System] – The solar system1 is the gravitationally bound planetary system of a set of astronomicalobjects that revolve directly or indirectly in an orbit around a single star known as the Sun.2

Track name: [Epsilon Eridani] – Epsilon Eridani- nearby; has at least one planet (gas giant with a dust disk).

Track name: [Astronomical Unit] – The astronomical unit (abbreviated ua,  au,  UA or AU) is a unit of length equal, by definition, to 149 597 870 700 m,1 which is roughly equivalent to the average distance between the Earth and the Sun.

Track name: [Proxima Centauri] – Proxima Centauri or Alpha#  Centauri Cnb 1 (from Latin proximus, -a, -um: “next to” or “close to”) 9 is a red dwarf star of 11th apparent magnitude located approximately 4.22 light-years (1.295 parsecs)nb 2 from Earth, in the constellation Centaurus and possibly belonging to the Alpha Centauri system.

Track name: [Kapteyns] – Kapteyn’s star (HD 33793 / GJ 191)1 is a star 12.8 light- years from the solar system. GJ 1061, 3.7light-years away, is the closest known star to it.2 Located in the constellation Pictor, northwest of β Pictoris, Kapteyn’s star has apparent magnitude +8.89.1 so it is not visible to the nuked eye.

Track name: [Gliese1] – Gliese 1 (Gl 1 or GJ 1) in a red dwarf star in the constellation Sculptor, located in the southerncelestial hemisphere. Because it lies very close to the right ascension coordinate origin, it is the first star in the Henry L.Giclas and Luyten Half-Second catalog. It is one of the closest stars to the Sun, about 14.2 light-years away. However, it isvery difficult to observe with the nuked eye.

Track name: [Cygnus] – Cygnus (the swan) is a northern hemisphere constellation that crosses the Milky Way.  The arrangementof its main  stars means that it is sometimes known as the Northern Cross, in contrast to the southern constellation of theSouthern Cross.

Track name: [Sirius] – Sirius, or Sirius in its Latin designation, is the proper name of the star Alpha Canis Majoris (α CMa,  also Alpha  Canis Majoris), the brightest star in the entire night sky as seen from Earth, located in the southern celestial hemisphere constellation Canis Major.

Joaquin Ruiz (1991) is a DJ/producer from the West Side of Buenos Aires. Ambitious and always looking for new challenges and opportunities, JR is definitely one of the newest emerging talents from the techno music scene in Argentina. Thanks to this attitude, Joaquin never stops. He toured various countries including: Colombia, Peru, Chile, Spain, Germany, France, Norway and Finland. Many international and renowned artists support him and play his music. He also shared acabin with Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Rebekah, Etapp Kyle, SHDW & Obscure Shape, Birth of Frequency, UVB, Ansome, Emerson, Truncate, Jonas Kopp, Pfirter, Flug, Kwartz, Raffaele Attanasio. Besides releasing music on labels as Dynamic Reflection, Children Of Tomorrow, SYMBOLISM, Illegal Aliens Records, Knotweed Records, Newrhythmics Records and Others, he also runs his own label West Rules is supported by Marcel Dettmann, Pfirter, Ben Sims, Juho Kusti, Amotik, Takaaki Itoh, Matrixxman, Setaoc Mass and Many more. Thanks to his own musical style, associating the mental of ambient and melodic music with the physical of techno, he satisfies the most demanding dancer. Versatility and talent: a clear demonstration of what the techno scene in Argentina is made up of…

Credits:  Artwork by RDEAD

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