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Jeroen Search, Jonas Kopp


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The creation of collective reality occurs through the sum of individual realities also called “individual holographic bubbles” that each person who lives on the planet contains, as individual reality is composed and projected based on the content of the mind, either information, data, belief systems, knowledge and programming received from and early age.

These data knowledge, belief systems, ideas, thoughts that reside in our mind and in our mental body are the ones that will lead to the creation of the world where we experience this reality at an individual level and consequently at a collective level.

The process of creation and manifestation of reality consists of projecting an octave (An energy field containing what we are thinking) towards the area of the mental plane (Earth Dimension) reserved for each consciousness sphere that exists on Earth, being this a Human consciousness or another intelligent being consciousness, as all the intelligent beings that inhabit the earth have an area assigned in the mental plane for the “collection” and creation of the scenarios of our holographic reality.

In this mental plane is we are able to find and connect with frames containing scenes and energetic elements that will shape our individual creation during our life path.

Holographic reality can be accessed experimentally when one’s consciousness is freed from physical body dependence, as long as one remains attached to the body and it’s sensory modalities, holographic reality will be an intellectual construct.
When one frees himself from the body, he experiences holographic reality directly. That is why mystics speak of their visions with great certainty and conviction, while those who have not experienced this terrain for themselves so far, still remain skeptical or even indifferent to it.

We are the universe and we create and project our personal universe called individual reality as well known as Holographic Universe.

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