Mal Hombre – Andromeda Outpost


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Mal Hombre


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“In the year 2507, the deep space observation “Andromeda Outpost” station notices the start of a Cosmic Event (Blackhole) which is consuming it’s way through the Andromeda Galaxy and could threaten our own Milky Way Galaxy. The crew are trying desperately to signal back to earth to warn humanity under trying physical circumstances as the cosmic event moves closer towards them. The effect that a black hole can have on every particle in outer space goes to show how huge vast galaxies are really insignificant in the immeasurable concept of time and space.”

The music within this album relates to different parts of this narrative.

The outpost, the discovery, the challenges and the actual event.

Mal Hombre: Involved with electronic techno music since the 90’s, Mark Sweeney AKA MAL_HOMBRE has DJ’s for a number of years under his own name, then more recently as a producer under this alias. Mark has DJ’s in a number of places throughout the UK and abroad, and regularly plays techno events in Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester to name but a few places. Inspirations for producing his sound come from the likes of Jeff Mills, Mike Storm, DJ Surgeles, Jeroen Search and Staffan Linzatti and has released or due to release on techno labels such as Edit Select, Selected Records, Illegal Alien Records and Sleaze Records UK.

Credits:  All tracks written and produced by Mark Sweeney for Axis Records USA 2021. Mastering by Phil at Zonal Industries Manchester UK. Astrophotography by Stephen McIntyre UK. Artwork by Mark Sweeney.

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