Mike Storm – Absorbing Other Stars


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Mike Storm


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Mike Storm is coming from the underground scene of the 072 area (Alkmaar) in the Netherlands.
As a teenager he started at home DJ-ing & producing, following by performances as a local DJ in the late 90’s. Short hereafter he switched from turntables to equipment and performing live at a dozen local parties.
While the underground scene was deeply involved in Electro and Techno music, Mike learned from established DJs and producers how to work with analog equipment. Until this day, he still produces his tracks without any daw. No edits or total recall, just straight forward recordings directly from machines only.
Mike Storm is mainly inspired by the Sci-Fi sound. The thinking process of his sound are created effecting emotions and leading to action. Sometimes there are actions we can’t control and therefore each creation is a unique process. Thoughts are created and disappearing like stars and planets. Mike Storm translate these thoughts and emotions into music sequences and it influences the mental state. Building sequences and sound development become a natural process.
His passion is performing live on stage to go deeper into the process of creating the moment. His live sets are typically a journey through space in search of the unknown. Following beats into deep minimal sequences. Seeing himself performing at the famous Tresor club Berlin and Awakenings Holland to name a few.
This past decade Mike Storm sees his music being appreciated by people like Jeff Mills and a dozen other established DJ’s, producers, labels and other well known names on the scene. The result is a number of Ep’s, Va’s, albums getting appreciated throughout the global Techno scene.

Credit: produced, mixed and edited by Mike Storm. All rights are reserved.

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