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Mike Storm


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Sixty Six million years ago a 14-kilometer long, Mount-Everest sized asteroid blasted a hole in the ground, when at the moment of impact, “the top of it might have still towered more than a mile above the cruising altitude of a 747, “In its nearly instantaneous descent, it compressed the air below it so violently that it briefly became several times hotter than the surface of the sun, hitting Earth with enough force enough to lift a mountain back into space at escape velocity, releasing the equivalent of 100 million megatons of TNT creating a 20-mile deep, 110-mile hole and sterilizing the remaining 170 million square miles of the ancient continent of Pangaea, killing virtually every species on Earth and, oddly, paving the way for the emergence of the human species.”

Fast Forward to Earth 2068

New observations of asteroid Apophis –noteworthy because of its extremely close approach to the Earth on Friday, April 13, 2029, when the 300 meter-sized asteroid will become visible to the unaided eye as it passes within the belt of communications satellites orbiting the Earth–obtained with the Subaru telescope earlier this year revealed the effect of what’s known as Yarkovsky acceleration.

“The results show that the asteroid is drifting away from a purely gravitational orbit by about 170 meters per year, which is enough to keep the 2068 impact scenario in play,” about the acceleration phenomenon that arises from an extremely weak force on an object due to non-uniform thermal radiation. This force is particularly important for the asteroid Apophis, as it affects the probability of an Earth impact in 2068.

Effect of the Yarkovsky Acceleration 

All asteroids need to reradiate as heat the energy they absorb from sunlight in order to maintain thermal equilibrium, a process that slightly changes the orbit of the asteroid (The orbit calculations). Prior to the detection of Yarkovsky acceleration on Apophis, astronomers had concluded that a potential impact with Earth in 2068 was impossible. The detection of this effect acting on Apophis means that the 2068 impact scenario is still a possibility…..

Mike Storm:

Mike Storm is coming from the underground scene of the 072 area (Alkmaar) in the Netherlands.
As a teenager he started at home DJ-ing & producing, following by performances as a local DJ in the late 90’s. Short hereafter he switched from turntables to equipment and performing live at a dozen local parties.
While the underground scene was deeply involved in Electro and Techno music, Mike learned from established DJs and producers how to work with analog equipment. Until this day, he still produces his tracks without any daw. No edits or total recall, just straight forward recordings directly from machines only.
Mike Storm is mainly inspired by the Sci-Fi sound. The thinking process of his sound are created effecting emotions and leading to action. Sometimes there are actions we can’t control and therefore each creation is a unique process. Thoughts are created and disappearing like stars and planets. Mike Storm translate these thoughts and emotions into music sequences and it influences the mental state. Building sequences and sound development become a natural process.
His passion is performing live on stage to go deeper into the process of creating the moment. His live sets are typically a journey through space in search of the unknown. Following beats into deep minimal sequences. Seeing himself performing at the famous Tresor club Berlin and Awakenings Holland to name a few.
This past decade Mike Storm sees his music being appreciated by people like Jeff Mills and a dozen other established DJ’s, producers, labels and other well known names on the scene. The result is a number of Ep’s, Va’s, albums getting appreciated throughout the global Techno scene.

Credit: produced, mixed and edited by Mike Storm. mastered by Miguel Sar. All rights are reserved.

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