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Mike Storm


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Intelligent life came to Earth in 2082 to harvest our vital substance. All life on Earth was water-based. H2O is astonishingly versatile as a solvent and participant in biochemistry and so it that extraterrestrial life is also be based on this compound. They, came and these aliens drawn to the Earth for our wonderfully wet oceans and seas and rivers and lakes—to siphon off our hydrological cycle.

Humanity who did not already live on Mars went in large numbers with all deployable space planes and they finally arrived safely on Mars via various space stations in our galaxy. Within 2 months all contact was broken with the people who wanted to stay on Earth.

In 2092 Earth is an mostly arid, rocky world. Consisting of 7 main deserts which are the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indian, Sahara, Gobi, and Oceanic there is distinct evidence that these were was once giant ocean-canyons and due to still existing polar ice-caps you see that Earth once a richly ocean based planet was and no different than Mars. It was therefore life may have existed at one time on this planet. If we’ve learned anything from life on Earth, it’s that where you find liquid water, you generally find life.

So after the invention of warp drive in 2102, Human made their first voyage back to Earth, to see if thereon still life truly did exist . They discovered indigenous lifeforms.

Surprisingly unique these species physiology is that while most species have several branched species and sub-species all directly genetically related within the same evolutionary genome. What else is unique is that every species performs each a specific task according to their intelligence and physical capability and so are placed into various ranks of duty within this new society.

But most importantly and frighteningly, they are all highly aggressive and see humanity as intruders…

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