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2 x 12” Vinyl, Digital Download

“As we approach the end of 2020, it is safe to say that this has been a year like no other in recent times – a time for great self-reflection, moral realization and the reminder that truth and transparency is still important. Alternative reality does not exist, just the impression that it does and that it can be some type of currency in which to be imposed upon others. It was and will continue to be a difficult year, even long after 2020 is over. The level and type of losses that permanently stain the spirit in ways that may have to be psycho-analyzed later, are now in fact, part of your history. With attrition, we’ll return to days that feel normal. That feels carefree.  For all the ones that we’ve lost, I think we owe it them to all work together to make each day better than the day before.” – Jeff Mills (Millsart) 

Axis Records would like to offer everyone a free gift of

Millsart – EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY Vol. 4 (album – blue colored).

Free downloads of both digital formats (mp3, and wav files)

Starting from Nov. 26 – Dec. 26.

Released in 2003, this album by Jeff Mills (alias Millsart), was released on double 12” vinyl EP set in limited quantities and purposely with no titles for any of the tracks.

Note for the collector, a small amount of original vinyl 12” EP copy set can still be purchased at  and

EDHID Volume 4 was released in this tumultuous year and tracks reflected a variety of events that were happening at that time like the commencement of war, epidemics (SARS), national tragedy, civil unrest and natural disasters, but also technological innovation and other advancements. Only a few years after the turn of the century, 2003 was already shaping the World and Geopolitical landscapes in which the next few decades would reverberate from. Like now with the all current EDHID volumes, the turbo charged frequency in which releases came out is reflected by the consumption of information. Consuming music in a parallelistic fashion, where a bank of information is simply replenished and expanded upon to be made available when the listener chooses to engage instead of music being guided by various external aspects makes this album series like no other and provocative in its habitation.

Credit: produced, mixed and edited by Jeff Mills for Axis Records. Sound enhancement by Steve Kovacs. Illustration by Pat Mills.   Originally released in 2003.  All rights are reserved.  ©2020 Axis Records

Data size (full album):  48khz24bit  wav:  approx 224.9MB /  mp3:  approx 87.5MB