Millsart – Neo Tantric Parts (EP) (Vinyl 12″)


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12” Vinyl

Axis Expressionist Series vol.5

“Rationalizing our place amongst the Stars is a referendum. A mandate in the scale of a space-time continuum, which is a task that might seem infinitely cavernous to most, but a lifelong mandate to others. As nature’s allowance of time just isn’t favorable to an average human lifespan of a 100 years, this task must be inherited and handed down in the method of an acoustical trust. Rhythm considered as a safe depository. Neo Tantric Parts is about high premium thought processes about simplicity and oneness. Diagnostic in the way it blends time, rhythm and harmony together as a proposal to consider placement in this moment of time”. – Millsart

“Tear Drop Nebula (The Octagon Mix)” was released as Every Dog Has Its Day vol.7 (2020) (digital only).

Axis Expressionist Series:

A collection of vinyl releases, curated by Millsart, an alias of Jeff Mills, of his most eclectic and transcendent compositions that derive from his Every Dog Has Its Day project as well as new unreleased works.

Vernacular creations that fall off from the “other side” of the Electronic Music tree, this project is designed for the experienced Techno music listener, and its goal is to reflect upon the pure artistry of the craft of storytelling. A realization between music and life.

Whereas “dancing” is the goal of Dance Music, the goal of this music is about “reflecting on the complexity and simplification of life”. Soundtracks for people in their evolutionary process.