Ocktawian – Into A Strange Surface & Core


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For millions of years, everything related to the universe and the Solar System, the Sun, the planets, moons or the starts, has awakened us enormous interest. Within the Solar System there is a planet that has always attracted out attention, much more than others and aroused great interest, both for its pale yellowish color, its number of moons or the thousands of Rings that make it up.

The Album Concept sound is created and based on the desire that humans have to travel to Saturn, but this time, we are going to travel it from another perspective, entering from its atmosphere composed mainly of Hydrogen and Helium, in addition to sulfur, methane, ethane, ammonia, among others, until it reaches its solid rocky core.

And I wonder; What Sound can have its dense and heavy atmosphere?  What would our adventure into the interior of a planet be like without a solid surface?

How many musical passages will we find in the different layers of the planet until we reach its rocky core?  Would we be able to survive its high temperatures, convection cycles, the high speed of its gaseous winds or its Helium Rains?

With this musical concept and its different sound passages, I hope you can hear and experience the same as I felt when I was there.

Written and produced by Ocktawian / Artwork by Archer Hostettler / Mastered and Mixed by Mikel Garcia


Ocktawian has been spinning vinyl for more than 25 years, while pushing the boundaries of Djing and mastering his skills of mixing on up to 3-4 decks. He is known for dropping serious weapons of Hard-Techno, Techno, Electro and Minimal when playing around the world. Mostly influenced and inspired by the minimal sound represented by the likes of Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Rino Cerrone, Oscar Mulero, Ben Sims or Speedy J he has also a string of his own productions on such labels like Subsist,Orbe,Art21Club, Binary Cells, Psychoskunk, Collapse, Srie, Aesir, Solemne, Dkn Selections, Sigma5,As Recordings, Nxt Parabola, Pentax, Alssistechno, Logical Methods,Drvms Ltd to name some…

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