One Man Spaceship CD


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Jeff Mills


Booklet, CD

Japanese import with 12 page color booklet (Japanese and English).

“The “One Man Spaceship” project pays tribute to people who exceed beyond what is expected of them or of the normal and predictable way. One Man Spaceships observes the art of barrier-breaking and the deep solitude of transgressions into unknown and uncharted territories.

In this process, it is common to distance and lose those that are nearest and dearest to you. It is a special isolation that develops due to the extreme focus on a ideology and perspective. This sacrifice is sometimes necessary as the objective is larger than life itself. ” -Jeff Mills

Track Listing:
01.  Departure
02.  Into The Cosmos
03.  Micro Terra
04.  Decompression
05.  The Watchful Eye
06.  Cloak
07.  14 Dreams
08.  The Art Of Barrier Breaking
09.  Above Waiting Worlds
10.  Life-Timed Device
11.  The Unknown Force
12. Infinite Effect
13.  The Fifth Beginning
14.  The Myth, The Mistake
15.  A Great Chase
16.  Self-Portrait
17.  Final Night Of Ambient Light
18.  A New Time In Space

Total Time: 64 minutes