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Ability is an infinite virtue. So much so, that we can connect it to the existence of Unknown Worlds. And the links to creativity are endless.

“Beyond Our Ability” explores the limits of our imagination, the ones that aim at new sounds, elements and textures that go “beyond” to new places where vanguard techno music resides.

Thirteen songs inspired by the Science Fiction Universe. From “Uncharted World” where we can find the Unknown, to “Strange Wasteland” where we find ourselves in an unexplored Cosmos. It is a journey consisting of thirteen different landscapes out of our physical world to where we only can reach them through our minds and through our ability.


Fernando Sanz has been steadfastly dedicated to the craft of beats and breaks since he was a young sprout of 14 years in the sun baked southern Spanish port city of Algeciras. Under the imprint Orbe Records, Sanz has cultivated his own thriving techno community as artist and label head. Since 2014 Orbe Records has been lashing the block rocking techno of Sanz’s comrades Eduardo De La Calle and Steve Stoll, but mostly of Sanz’s own prolific moniker, Orbe. As DJ and producer Orbe keeps the mood surreal and dreamy while deploying understated drum machine patterns to hammer the platonic solids that keep his beloved community in tact.

Credits: Written, Produced and Mixed by Orbe for Axis Records. Artwork by Mario Ruiz. Mastered by Miguel Sar at Javhastudios.

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