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Petar Dundov


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When thinking about space I always admired its mystery, beauty of motion and vastness of complex structures stretching from smallest to largest scales. Wherever you look at any scale you can observe magnificent interaction of objects, planets, stars, galaxies, moving, dancing like characters in a cosmic theatre. In this short musical piece I tried to describe in language of music, four imaginary scenes involving stellar objects, physical phenomena and us in the everlasting search for new discoveries.

Scene 1 – Binary Equivalence

In a not so distant future, physicist discovers the theoretical possibility of harnessing energy from gravity. Models showed that if sufficient gravitational waves could be produced by two massive objects, we could create an apparatus that could transform the gravitational force into electricity. A special commission of astrophysicists is formed with a goal to find potential celestial objects that could be candidates for prototype experiment.

Scene 2 – Charon’s Arc

A small colony of space explorers moved to Pluto in a research for new ways to generate energy. They are building an experimental gravitational power plant that could create electricity using Pluto-Charon planetary system. On completion will we see an electric arc lightning between them? The experiment was successful, there were able to create an unlimited source of energy, but something strange starts to happen. As a byproduct, massive magnetic field was formed and opened a portal to distant Magnetar at the far end of the galaxy.

Scene 3 – Magnetar

An expedition was sent through a portal and they arrived on the surface of the Magnetar. They meet magnetic beings made purely from energy and the first contact were made. Unfortunately, we discover that their world is on a verge of collapse. During centuries their Magnetar attracted so much mass and it is on a verge to become a quark star. We join them together in a mission that will take us to the centre of the galaxy, to explore the supermassive black hole singularity in a hope we will find a solution to reverse the process of Magnetar collapse.

Scene 4 – Beyond Planck

Arriving at the centre of the galaxy, we start our descent into the black hole. Entering gravitational vortex we are accelerating to the speed of the light, transitioning into space beyond time. With our instruments on board, we are able to map the structure of the singularity, solution to the reverse of collapse is found. With a last bit of energy on board out ship, we beam the information back to the surface of a black hole and continue our decent beyond the Planck scale.

To be continued….


Petar Dundov: “Techno is music that precedes movement. It is dance music, solid enough to carry emotions through the dance floor and abstract enough to be a template for ever”. And indeed his breathtaking productions embody this ethos, serving the inherent function of making your body pulse spontaneously while also challenging your brain with its complex melodies and slow-burning, hypnotic progressions.

Although maybe the word “techno” doesn’t give enough detail about his style, it’s probably the nearest ballpark to whose principles his music adheres – and he is keen to expand the horizons of what people know and expect of the genre. But it’s that sense of his tracks being alive, forever evolving and expanding and increasing in intensity, which gives his music its unique sound and has seen his work crossover into a myriad of different areas of the global electronic music scene.

His music shows you that he’s a producer with more than churning out mindless, functional and dispensable drivel on his mind. There’s a philosophy entrenched in his productions that breathes the very spirit of life and dynamism into them: “My ultimate goal as a producer and musician is to bridge the world of inspiration and physical world to the extent where the listener wouldn’t be able to distinguish between the two. Music has this unique property to communicate deep emotions that are inherently in all of us. We just forgot how to use them, and my search is an attempt to revive those emotions where we all resonate as one.”

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