Pyramidal Decode – Cosmic Paradox


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Pyramidal Decode


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‘If the universe is full of stars, why don’t we observe a bright sky at night?’

Olber’s paradox displays how the Dark Night Sky(01) should be enlightened by the thousands of stars that fill it.
Altrough, in the Eternal(05) history of mankind, the night was always described as dark. We know now that the Infinite Extension(02) of our Universe is one of the reasons why we cannot see all of the light that stars emit. Nevertheless, humanity has not always been aware of this, we could have supposed to live in an Immutable(04) universe, that is Homogeneous(03) and Finitely Old(06), populated by an infinite number of stars. In the scenario of a Static Universe(08) the absence of light at night is really odd, as any line of sight from Earth should end at the surface of a star and hence the night sky should be completely illuminated and very bright.

This contradicts the observed darkness and non-uniformity of the night, but how does this work?
Only a limited amount of stars can send us visible light, so the sky appears black. The universe we live in is not uniform and it is in infinite expansion, so that the process known as Redshift(07) lengthens the light originating from the Big Bang and from all the ‘not visible’ stars to microwave levels, which radiation background has wavelengths much longer than those of Visible Light(09), and so appears dark to the naked eye.

But what if we imagine a life without Redshift effect, with a constant Bright Sky(10)?

Pyramidal Decode:  Born and raised in Italy since ‘98, Pyramidal Decode is the pseudonym of a Techno polyhedral producer.  He started DJing as a young teenager and began producing techno works as well as playing other more classical instruments. In 2017 he created Pyramidal Decode releasing his tracks in labels such as Subsist records, DeadCert rec, Labrynth, Parabola records and many others. His music is hard to confine in one genre, but it spaces out between ambient techno and hard industrial. It comes out as a hypnotic trip that he uses to lead the dancefloor to further places.   2020 and 2021 have been years of major evolution in Pyramidal Decode’s production, he released his works on Dynamic Reflection, Edit Select, Modularz, B55, Hard Tools rec, and more

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