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Shinedoe joins The Escape Velocity – Jeff Mills’ curated techno project for Axis Records. The project gathers together some of the planet’s most innovative techno visionaries to produce work based on Space Science and Science Fiction – released at a high frequency and delivered direct to customers only via digital formats. The project also gives space for each artist to express their thoughts and feelings for the album in detail, should they wish.

Shinedoe’s installment encapsulates all the reasons why she is regarded as one of the most important producers active today, showcasing her brand of precision techno with soul. Based in Amsterdam and with Nigerian roots, Chinedum Nwosu’s relentless passion for the finer elements of electronic dance music has seen her win over hearts and minds in every aspect she has turned her attention to – from her transformative DJ performances, authoritative productions and exquisitely curated labels – Intacto and now the newly formed Music That Moves (MTM Records).

These six tracks emphasize her mastery of deep, futuristic techno very much in line with the vision shared by the Detroit originators. The title The Observer relates to the process of observing without judgement, a state whereby we are in the moment, experiencing our surroundings without translating those senses into thought or reaction.

“The observer means for me to be connected with your soul. By not getting lost in the external world. Don’t forget you are a human being who is light, creative, and has lots of love to give.Each person has his or her way to get to the source inside. For me, this is music, the almighty Universal, God or whatever you want to call it.

It shows me the way. The road can be bumpy, but I believe there is always light.”

The title track sets out the atmosphere – a drifting, piece of ambient electronica which suggests we are embarking on a serious deep space voyage. Shinedoe explains it as “vibrations moving around – as an observer you watch without thoughts and feelings without judgement. Feelings and thoughts may occur, but you are not it.”

Next up is Before The Silence, our first contact with the groove that propels the release. It’s relentless pulse is offset by edgy, untethered arpeggiated synths and raw textures that hark back to the early Detroit sound, with an entirely contemporary twist.

Distraction starts with a looped up percussion groove that references a more afro-tech approach, and maintains its fierce impact throughout through hypnotic loops and a simple one note melody. For its creator, it represents the ‘world wanting something from you, which makes you remove yourself from your own core. All distractions.”

Redraw All Senses is similarly affecting – featuring a beautiful robotic vocal element intertwined with mutating pads and a deep, driving groove. Shinedoe poses the question “How would the world be if we redrew all our senses? When we watch without judgement, taste without judgement, smell without judgement, hearing or see without judgement -How will this be? On the dance floor I can get in a state of redrawing all sense, and it feels beautiful. For me it’s another dimension. With music I can get to this state as well, this is freedom”.

Next up is Agape – its title means unconditional love, and is inspired by Martin Luther King and Michael Beckwith. The track returns to the ambient textures of the opening track, before making way for Control – a slice of stripped back techno power that feels as though we are hurtling through space at light speed. Shinedoe shares this insight on the track: “it’s about human beings wanting to control life. Can we really control everything? Can we take control over our lives? What about the power of the Universe?”

It’s a perfect example of Shinedoe’s talents – combining a deep knowledge and respect of techno’s past with something perfectly futuristic, and equally profound.

Credit: Artwork: Desata Mastering: AldenTyrell Photo: Petros Toufexis

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