Sleeper Wakes


Sold Out


Jeff Mills


Book, CD

Single CD (Japanese import) with 8p color booklet.

“The Sleeper Wakes is project about Great Change. With giant leaps forward, our ideas about sound and what we expect becomes replaced by the ideas made by our extreme actions and deeper consciousness towards the unfathomable levels of the human capacity. For this to occur, the genuine search for new inspirations had to begin.

The Sleeper Wakes officially began 10.28.2006 06:01. Since then, research and planning for the creation of new sounds has been an excessive and painstaking journey, but nevertheless, fulfilling and a justification to move onward to new heights. Thus, by applying an intuitive and instinctive approach to communicating through sound, hopefully, the Sleeper Wakes can serve as passages to new opportunities.

The Sleeper Wakes explores time and the absence of it. It explores the various methods of creating sound for a specific time in Space for our future, the preparation and calculation of what could and will be and most importantly, what we do with this sensitive and rare opportunity.”

-Jeff Mills