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Staffan Linzatti


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The Silent Dreamers

We all frequent that world regularly, a world that unites the past, the present, imagination, fears, sorrows, joys and visions of the possible future in a fragmented state of timelessness. The dreamer is normally unaware of the dream being just a dream. While being engaged in this state the dreamer need not make the distinction between what is real, in the traditional sense, and what is not.

In the later half of the 21st century, technology has advanced enough for people to live out their fantasies in a dream-like state.

With these new machines… if reality is what we perceive, then what we perceive must be reality.

We humans have always been fascinated by our dreams and we constantly attempt to rationalize the elusive dream world, seeking to lucidly translate its seemingly chaotic nature and fit it into our cognizant world. While at first, the interest was purely psychological or spiritual, the invention of the first dream machine quickly changed things. The dream machines were used extensively as pure entertainment, where only one’s imagination set the limits of the experience.

There were, however, people who believed that these machines could potentially solve several social dilemmas emerging throughout that century. Most shrugged at the idea of the play-technologies having any sort of impact on human life moving forward. However, it turns out the creation of these machines would reshape or rather, …expand our definition of what is considered “real”.

A conscious ocean of bits, bytes and wires.

Floating DevicesTM, as they are called, sister tech to cryo sleep tubes, enable people to enter a dream-world fueled by their own subconscious mind through real-time electrochemical analysis of individual neurons in the hippocampus, projected back into the player via a network of neural synthesizers. The players inside the machines… asleep. Peaceful and motionless on the outside and completely shut out from common reality, but fully alive and living inside the infinite possibilities of their minds. We call them “The Silent Dreamers”.

As one small step forward in science and technology can very quickly give way to many larger leaps in technological advancements, given the right cultural and market conditions, dream tech was developed and ready as a consumer product in record speed. This of course, was from standing on the shoulders of countless hundreds of thousands of years spent in awe of the mystical dream state, wondering and theorizing.. and in the later years of human culture, mankind could finally create a portal and peek through into the mythic realm of the unconscious mind.

One thing that has not developed as fast as our ability to induce and make dreams a part of people’s wakeless reality, is what dreams actually are. Sure the general consensus is that dreams are a part of our brains’ defragmentation system – optimizing and organizing memories as well as processing input received from all senses throughout our lives.

Am I a part of your dream or you of mine?

Dreams affect us. We have all experienced that one bad dream of the night, the one you remembered waking up. Your coffee doesn’t quite taste the same, your step doesn’t have as much spring in it as it had the day before. Was it simply a randomly appearing memory inserted into a chaotic context that forced an emotive response during REM-sleep? Maybe… most likely. The cause, or rather, the causality here is not that important. It was felt and experienced, and a response was triggered. The unconscious and the conscious world bleeding into each other like waves crashing on a beach. The dreamer is affected by the dreams, but the dreams also affect the dreamer.

One could argue that the major difference between the physical and the dream is that one is “real” while the other is a fragmental atemporal representation of what has previously been “real”, or could be. But what is “real”? A dream while being dreamt is certainly “real”, how could it ever be dreamt otherwise?

A factory of dreams.

A wireless cybernetic implant attached to the player’s upper spine enables the user to feed suggestions or dream altering signals called “path links” into the user’s brain. A patchbay also enables several users to link up their devices creating a shared experience, in hospitals this was a popular way to spend time with a close friend or relative who had chosen to be placed in temporal suspension. A very popular way to spend the final digital eternity in one’s late golden years. The major difference between the two systems is that the floating devices do not halt or slow down the aging process like the temporal beds do, and the temporal suspension technology is a simulation experience, while the Floating Devices more closely resemble reality creation.

“Real-world problems”

Some people claimed this to be an elaborate plan to counter the growing global overpopulation. A way to do away with the less appreciated members of society. This has since been brushed off as a rather paranoid theory. The idea of being able to once more live out a long lost memory or experience that special moment in the past one more time is something we all have thought about and most entities agree, in that the floating devices were merely a casual source of simulation entertainment.

It was indeed true that a large percentage of mankind had chosen to live out the rest of their lives in a Floating Device. Naturally, several large mega corporations took advantage of this new lucrative market of dreams and set up permanent floating banks, some big enough to store millions of players, wherever they found a market. And where they couldn’t find one, they made sure to create it.

What is it like living out the rest of your life without ever waking up?

As more and more people were choosing to become players or “Silent Dreamers” it became clear that for whatever reason, a new start in a completely different world, might be your perfect refuge. This new tabula rasa was ready for you to expand further inward, forming your new reality. A reality written, cast, directed, viewed and enjoyed… exclusively by you.

While the thought of living out your life in a permanent and irreversible slumber, and not in the traditionally “real” sense experiencing the joys, hardships, challenges and other overwhelmingly physical experiences that, in the “real” world shape one’s life… While that might sound unimaginable to some – I think we can agree that we are all dreamers, asleep or not.


Dear Applicant,
Thank you for choosing our services, your dreams will be safe with us.

In order to familiarize yourself with your personal Floating Device and the process of becoming a permanent player, please study the transitional introduction steps below. They can also be found in the pamphlet (“The Long Slumber”) attached to the back of your application form.

1. We all make the journey each night. This will be your final transition. As you enter into a permanent sleep state, your perception of reality will forever change. You are to become a part of your new “real”.

2. When you venture into the dream world, your inner space, you will experience a sensation of absolute stillness. You are now disconnected from time and space. This place holds your most joyful memories, your ambitions, fears, musings and everything that is you.

3. As the conscious retrieval process begins, your inner space is mapped and reconstructed in a quantum state. As your consciousness is analyzed and fragmented you will experience an influx of seemingly random memories. You are, and will for a brief moment, experience everything you have ever experienced.

4. Once the retrieval process is complete, you are no longer a part of the conscious world. You are neither awake nor asleep. This puts you in a state of neural limbo. You are being prepared for a new world, a world of dreams. The rest happens now.

5. A sense of doubt is starting to emerge. You will feel split between the physical and the non-physical. You may feel a struggle to find a link between the two realms through the agency of past experiences. You seem to be deep asleep yet so awake. Not unlike the state of lucid dreaming, but more powerful.

6. Having expected to leave your past life behind, it soon becomes clear that your memories are still with you. They can not safely be separated from you as your collected experiences make up a large part of the entity that is you.

7. You have been here before. Or have you? Yes and no. It may feel like a closed space but your imagination is pushing both inward and outward. The edges of the world will move as far as you can bring them.

8. Past, present or future no longer matters. They are all consolidated and compressed into a single point. A feeling of total control comes over you. You begin to shape your new world as you see fit.

9. Everything is starting to feel natural to you at this point and the feeling of disconnect is almost completely gone. You are eager to dive deeper into your new world, but you pause for a moment, soaking it all in.

10. A sudden feeling of being watched comes over you. What is this? A visitor coming through the patch bay already? Curious, but with caution, you start to investigate.

11. A few moments ago you felt right at home here, however you are starting to feel torn, like a part of you wants to go back. Many players experience this and it is completely normal. Accepting the role of both the experience itself and the one experiencing, can seem daunting at first, but the crossroads you see before you at this final stage are, as is everything else in your new realm, just your imagination. You have one last step to take, straight ahead. Going back, of course, is no longer possible – you are too far from being awake.

12. It might seem like a fabrication to the outside world but the general human concept of the “real” does not apply in this place. But remember, do not panic, you are in control.

13. The process is complete but the expansion continues. Ideas, memories, and thoughts are now colliding, fusing, reflecting on each other from your inner space, creating an ever evolving cosmos. Your cosmos.

A new world awaits you, dreamer.


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