DJ Surgeles – STR MRKD 002


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DJ Surgeles


12” Vinyl

Track listing:

A1.Cassiopeia (4’47”)

A2. Sheratan (5’47”)

B1. Saiph (5’49”)

B2. Skat (2’29”)

New thinking for a new time.

Product: 12″ vinyl with black jacket /color label

Credit:  StrMrkd002 was conceived, conceptualized Jeff Mills and produced and written by DJ Surgeles.  Mastered by Steve Kovacs. Copyright Control.  Graphic design by aka Plastica. ©2019 Axis Records.  All rights are reserved.

DJ Surgeles: A DJ/producer from the Netherlands.  Released “Something In The Sky Mix” (SITS008) and “The Betty Hill Case”  (SITS012) under Axis Records so far.