Systematic / The Sin


Sold Out


Jeff Mills


12” Vinyl

“Systematic” was previously released on the Lifelike CD by Jeff Mills (1997). Designed for AX-012 “Humana” Ep, this track never made the final release due to the time constraints of the 12″ vinyl. The classically arranged track “The New Arrivals” (b1) was the final replacement.

“The Sin” has a interesting history. Created in 2005. Originally designed for Purpose Maker 16 (PM-016) under the first title “Spellbound”, this track was created during a period I was interested and researching the powers of Voodoo. Because of the extreme frequencies used in the track, it underwent 3 separate mastering sessions before arriving at this final compromise. Though not completely satisfied with the final mix, I thought that by allowing such extreme frequencies on the hi and low end of the EQ scale and depending on the sound system and the ears of the DJ and listeners, the track would be perceived with hallucinative effect. -Jeff Mills

Track Listing:
A. Systematic
B. The Sin