Tadeo – Faces & Mirrors


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In this work I try to describe the reflection moment that happen when somebody looks to himself in the mirror. To recognize who is he, what is his past, what are the current actions and what will be his own projection in the future (The question about perspective).

Perhaps, at specific moments, the mirror is not a transducer element necessary. The thought by itself can eliminate the external factors (Its around) to isolate the person and place him in front of different imaginary mirrors (Parallelism) that show their different selves.

Such properly organized thoughts, can lead to developmental action as a human and the construction of her own future (awake).

At other scenarios, it can lead to some kind of confusion and somehow failing to recognize oneself (Unackowledged). Which can lead to some sort of personal confrontation. Such confrontations can help clear ideas and re-focus on a correct development (A clarity moment).

Whatever the way in which you recognize yourself and your actions, you must organize ideas and resolutions, based on a balance to obtain an optimal result (sleep process).  – Tadeo


Tadeo  Biography:

The only true border that lies between personal growth and talent, is imagination. Luckily, there’s an abundance of that in the inventive mind of Miguel Sar. Throughout the past 10 years, the Madrid- based DJ, producer and label manager has continuously challenged himself and his crowd. His daring experiments in both the studio as well as out in the clubs, have redefined the meaning of electronic music, techno in particular. With a complex, powerful sound that bends the genres, Sar has made himself a pioneer in the underground techno scene, veiling under the Tadeo moniker. Having founded Cyclical Tracks, NET28 and Another Intelligence, as well as finding a solid home on Token Records and Non Series, it’s only a matter of time until his musical theory becomes a world- wide understanding.  Tadeo has been a beacon to those in search of original and through-provoking tracks. His releases have more than once proven the significance of his visionary sound. Techno with avant-garde ef- fects has become his trademark. Adding fuel to fire by combining these with a classical and filmic approach, providing an otherworldly listening experience, that reflects the same dark but wondrous journey he takes his club audience on.  Using 3 CD players and endless ingenuity, Tadeo enraptures clubs like Berlin’s Berghain and Tre- sor, Rome’s GOA, Fabric London, Concrete & Rex Club in Paris and Womb, Tokyo on a regular basis. His deep, organic sets have moved the open-minded masses of Awakenings, Sonár and FIB, built around his scientific belief that hypnotism and repetition influence the mind. But he also gained ground in less music-minded territories, performing live in Reina Sofiá’s Museo , Madrid’s Dos de Mayo Art Center and at the 12th Spanish Film Festival of Annecy. Tadeo uses any empty canvas he can find, only to fill it with brand new musical landscapes that hardly anyone has seen, or in this case heard, before.  Tadeo’s the name that brings us to worlds that never were. Stretching the borders of what is pos- sible and what is reverie, he walks the fine line of it all. And yes, he invites you to join him on that journey.

Credit: “Faces & Mirrors” is reflected, produced, mixed and mastered by Miguel Sar at Javhastudios.  Artwork by Silvia Míguez. All rights are reserved. 

Data size (full album):  Wav  44k 16bit  approx 347.3MB /  Mp3  approx 84.6MB