Terrence Dixon – Galactic Halo (full album)



Terrence Dixon


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1. Centrifugal Force  (3’49”)

2. Direct Drive (5’46”)

3. Galactic Halo (4’55”)

4. Multiple Star  (3’49”)

5. Perfect Vacuum (5’15”)

6. Quasar (5’32”)

7. Space Opera (4’33”)

8. Teleportation (4’01”)



Terrence Dixon’s passage into electronic music has been revolutionary to say the least. He began with releases in early 1990’s on Utensil first as Terrence Dixon which then lead to his creation of Population 1 and further collaboration with Detroit’s most renowned electronic music artists. His radical, raw, minimal type of music left people wanting more and lead to further releases on Metroplex and Background Records, just to name a few label icons with which he has established a strong musical relationship.. , Dixon co-wrote and co-produced three tracks for Atkins’ Skynet album (credited to Atkins’ Infiniti alias). Along with the From the Far Future series  issued on Berlin’s Tresor label. Rush Hour Records in Amsterdam named their iconic store and company from Terrence’s track Rush Hour, released on Utensil Records in Detroit,  from the album Hypnotic Culture.

Credit: “Galactic Halo” is reflected, produced, mixed by Terrence Dixon.   All rights are reserved. 

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