Jeff Mills – The Director’s Cut Chapter 4


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Jeff Mills


12” Vinyl

Track listing:

A1. Deadly Rays (Of A Hot White Sun) (4’58”)   (from “Where Light Ends” CD)

A2. Jeff Mills Commentary – Deadly Rays (0’54”)

A3. Gateway Of Zen (Percussion Mix)  (5’49”)  (unreleased version. original in “The Other Day” CD )

A4.  Jeff Mills commentary – Gateway Of Zen (1’10”)

B1.  999 (4’59”)  (unreleased )

B2.  Jeff Mills commentary – 999 (1’14”)

B3.  The Industry Of Dreams  (4’33”)  (from “The Messenger” CD)

B4.  Jeff Mills commentary – The Industry Of Dreams (1’52”)

“Looking back in hindsight to the activity and accomplishments of Axis is with much pride – to witness the relationship between the music and listener evolving to this point. The Director’s Cut reissue project is about manicuring detail. It’s about a rare opportunity to enhance what we’ve done so that the relationship strengthens for the long term”

– Jeff Mills  


Product: 12″ vinyl with black jacket /color label

Axis Audiophile Series (180g vinyl / 44k 24bit recordings) : All the tracks are remastered for the series.

AX082DC is composed and produced by Jeff Mills for Axis Records.  Remastering by Steve Kovacs. Cutting by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle.  Distribution by NEWS.nv.  Logo design by aka Plastica. Published by Millsart/Universal/copyright control. ©2019 Axis Records. All rights are reserved.