The Occurrence CD / Vinyl


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Jeff Mills


Special CD / Vinyl

Special CD/Vinyl (Japanese import)

Extracted from the concept and Interstellar Science Fiction story of The Sleeper Wakes created and produced by Jeff Mills, The Occurrence recollects on a strange circumstance during a routine Space walk in the middle of a spontaneous radiation storm. Thought to have evaded the invisible death rays, doubt hovers as the discovering of a missing 8 seconds appears to have been recorded by the Spaceships on-board computer. What happened during that procedure?. Was it radiation or some other unknown entity that would reveal itself?. What really happened?.

As you listen to The Occurrence and its structure, bare in mind the consequences that lead this questionable account to be possible. Keep in mind that our Universe is not only ours. That, things are happening around us all the time without human logic.

The Occurrence is a hybrid project of Science Fiction and Techno Music. It displays the innovations of our time and space, an era of change with minds that intensely stare forward to the future. The playable format and Technology of this album is also a hybrid. The parallel mix of vinyl and digital formats are brought forward in a unique way that gives the listeners and programmers more options in which to enjoy.

The Occurrence.
The next installment of Sleeper Wakes.
Explored and produced by Jeff Mills.