The Power CD


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Jeff Mills



As the Sleeper Wakes saga continues, we arrive at a crucial point where the integration back into Earth’s Culture becomes difficult and the drift towards a different type of isolation begins. Traveling 4 years throughout the Universe in search of discoveries has taken its mental toll and the price of an intervention is high. This album demonstrates the process of a person who gradually loses their sense of belonging. Obscure illusions brought on by an unique ability to control Electricity contracted in “The Occurrence” chapter creates a unwarranted threat to the worlds International Security. Severe detachments evolve that pushes the mind beyond acceptable limits.

01. The Power (Theme)
02. Microbe
03. The Intruder Emerges
04. A Race To Save Thoughts
05. The Exchange
06. Hallucination
07. Making Contact
08. Watched By What
09. Memory Reset
10. Spiral Therapy
11. The Diagnosis
12. Transformation Complete
13. Amongst The Shadows
14. Drifting Away

Jewel case / 16p color booklet

Including the original story by Jeff Mills