The Tomorrow Time Forgot


Sold Out


Jeff Mills


12” Vinyl

AX-040 The Tomorrow Time Forgot

Remember the visions we used to have about the future world? The dreams about how man kind’s persistence to reach higher and further would somehow teach all of us about what’s outside our imaginations. What about all those important lessons we were to have learnt by discovering all new adventures. Some of us bravely volunteered our every day lives for a world that resembled fictional satire with the aspirations of being rewarded with “knowledge” – we willingly dropped our guards and forwent cosmic facelifts from human to humanoids and back to being more human than before.  

What happened, what occurrence drove us away from the strange but, alluring light? In all truth, Time does not forget, we do. It is our inability to capture key moments, study them and reassess our options. These are structural flaws of the human gene that have made us the remarkable animal we have become. Are our visions and dreams expendable or are they convertible commodities that serve as short-term optimism — a collage of hopeful wishing that might prove worthy in the real world?.

This title “The Tomorrow Time Forgot” is grammatically incorrect. True, because my spell-check informs me so. Nevertheless, I keep these words in sequence as a resistant gesture. It comes from within me, my soul not my brain or what I have been taught. With the hope I still have, I force on you the illogical, the incorrect, and what should not have ever been baring a question of ill-fated originality. These words are as they lay, written with the hope of disorientation, attentiveness and curiosity.

Tomorrow holds much more than what we could ever understand. It is this stinging reality that gives us an exciting tomorrow to remember and wait for.  

-Jeff Mills

Track Listing:
A1. Man Made
A2. Lost Transmission
B1. Fantastica
B2. Fantastica (After the Trip Mix)