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In the distant future, the advancement of new technologies has led a group of humans in search of new planets in the galaxy with the purpose of discovering what is beyond the scientifically known.

the mission was called ‘Octa’.

During the mission 8 planets were discovered
and explored for research.

On each planet has been found similarities with the earth, as well as new life forms and nature never seen before by the human eye.

Logbook / Bitacora

Clav /

Navigation data: Clav system, Grid Sector.
Diameter: 176,000 km
Mass (1024  kg): 9.3
Orbital Inclination: 1.6 deegres

A planet suspended in a gravitational wave system, full of neutron stars in constant rotation.

This planet is rich in Natural Information; it seems its minerals are similar to those of the Earth but with new kinds of properties.

Ventral /

Navigation data: not founded
Diameter: 11,000 km
Mass (1024  kg): 0.128
Orbital Inclination: 3.3 deegres

An icy planet with brutal weather conditions. so remote and isolated that it doesn’t appear on navigational data systems.

It has a unique and strange radar that observes anything from a large distance.

Sept /

Navigation data: Sept system, Vlat Sector.
Diameter: 47,000 km
Mass (1024  kg): 99.085
Orbital Inclination: 4.5 deegres

Enclosed by a shimmering nebula and with eight moons, this planet is covered with black plants all around the ground, imagine a planet blacker than coal that reflects almost no light, this makes his population mastering skills for night-vision.

Radium /

Navigation data: no register
Diameter: 3,246 km
Mass (1024  kg): 0.0524
Orbital Inclination: 14.2 deegres

A water world with a low axial tilt giving it a huge temperature zone over all the planet; his dangerous flora and fauna makes a place hard to populate.

Flute /

Navigation data: Flute system, Drem Sector.
Diameter: 78,000 km
Mass (1024  kg): 101.6
Orbital Inclination: 6.7 deegres

To the galaxy at large, it appears to be another lifeless, barren, rocky planet. In truth, Flute contains most of the strange unknown life beings, its ground is intentionally confusing and maze-like layout.

Surface, while barely containing an oxygen atmosphere, is inhospitable and would not benefit humans.

Extern /

Navigation data: Extern system, Arya Sector.
Diameter: 4,107 km
Mass (1024  kg): 0.0541
Orbital Inclination: 21.4 deegres

A non-spherical and pulsar planet orbiting in circles.

 Countless craters, lifeless rivers and volcanoes were found on the planet; the high levels of emitted radiation makes it a dead zone for any human.

Grayt /

Navigation data: Grayt system, Cygn Sector.
Diameter: 6,850 km
Mass (1024  kg): 0.963
Orbital Inclination: 2.0 deegres

A irregular mountainous planet located in the grayt system, it’s ringed by magnetic emissions which cause lightning storms all over the planet.

The ground was uneven and made up of unusual rock formations, raw minerals. Planet’s rain had the smell of fecund soil with an undertone of acrid stink.

Scenic /

Navigation data: no register
Diameter: 5,328 km
Mass (1024  kg): 0.093
Orbital Inclination: 5.2 deegres

A high-gravity planet covered in glowing grass and sprawls. This planet is full of light-optical scenarios,

species living on this planet have a superior intelligence thanks to the nutrients of his vegetation that helps mind growth.

How many planets can there be in the entire universe?

How many kinds of life beings exist?

How many forms of matter, energy, space-time, and physics contain the universe?

What is the physical dimension of the universe?

Is there any kind of limit to human exploration?

Is there anything beyond what we could humanly imagine?

Credits: All tracks written and produced by Translate for Axis Records and The Escape Velocity project.  Artwork design by Jordi Roelands.  Mastering by Pulso.

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