Universe by Night – Gamma Player Compilation Vol. 1


Sold Out


Jeff Mills



This compilation CD is produced and compiled by Jeff Mills exclusively for the Gamma Player boutique in Chicago. Selected arrangements and tracks were taken from the Axis discography between 1994 – 2006, such as “Time Machine” (1996), “Every Dog Has Its Day” (1997), “From the 21st” (1999).  From unreleased LP such as “Healing Channel” and the most current album, “One Man Spaceship”.  The photography for this compilation was shot at Gamma Player boutique by Chicago’s renowned David Anthony.

Track Listing:
01.  14 Dreams
02.  Gamma Player
03.  The March
04.  The Art of Barrier Breaking
05.  Now Is The Time
06.  The Nomads of Niger
07.  Time Machine 3
08.  Place De La Bastille
09.  Gata
10.  Moody
11.  Dr. Ice
12.  Man From Tomorrow
13.  Micro Terra
14.  Healing Channel
15.  Time Machine 7
16.  Sleeping Giants

Total timing: 69:53