Waveform Transmission vol.1


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Jeff Mills


2 x 12” Vinyl

180g Vinyl Record set with a color jacket

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“The 1990s’ were a decade of formidable change. It was a time of emergence, the redefining of the social norms and concepts that had, for most part, segmented each of us physically and mentally. By the end of the 20th century, people were sensing that better days were closer than ever before and the notion that our concept of Tomorrow is something we can actually control only fueled that enthusiasm. Though there had been enormous leaps forward in terms of communications and satellite technology, the ways we interacted with each other remained subdued as the bulk of society was still plugging in cables and extending antennas. The dreams about television phones and cordless devices were still a mental mile away. Waveform Transmission was created in this era as an artistic movement to address the convergence of the old and the new. A concept for translating feelings that were too difficult or not possible to relay in words or symbols, a raw configuration of sounds, obscure frequencies and densely coded rhythms that only an open and attentive mind would decipher.” -Jeff Mills

In commemoration of the 20 years since its release, this re-mastered album captures and displays the clarity and brilliance of the original recordings.

Re-master engineer: Steve Kovacs – Pressure Point Studios, Chicago

Recorded in New York in 1992, originally licensed and released on Tresor Records GmbH, Berlin

Created and produced by Jeff Mills.

A1. Phase 4
A2. Berlin
B1. Jerical
B2. Changes of Life
C1. The Hacker
D1. Late Night
D2. Man-Like