When Time Splits


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Jeff Mills, Mikhail Rudy



For the Duos Ephémères concert at Auditorium du Louvre in Paris on 6th February 2015, an electronic music originator Jeff Mills and a renowned classical pianist Mikhaïl Rudy collaborated to create the music to the rushes of never finished film by Henri-Georges Clouzot, “L’Enfer”.  An amazing 60 minute journey of parallel universe and time was captured live so audience can experience its intensity and spontaneity on this album once again.

Track listing:
01.  Landscape Abstracts
02.  Face Verses Face
03.  The Time Mechanic
04.  Scream
05.  Black And White
06.  Promising Calm
07.  The Eternal Burning Beauty Of  Fire
08.  Impossible Love
09.  Psychedelic
10.  Wagner Encounter
Total: 52 minutes