3 x Special Series


Sold Out


Jeff Mills


3 x 7″ Vinyl

Scenario Special (AX-Orange):
From that night, I haven’t been able to sleep more than 2 hours a night. I’m afraid to close my eyes now. When I do, I see them, all of them!. What did they do to me? Why did they come here? What could they have wanted from me, I suffer from a heart problem so I could not have been a good specimen for them to learn from. My life has changed because of them, I’ll never be the same.

Transformation Special (AX-Amber):
If I could re-live to whole experience over again, I would. It was frightening but, at the same time beautiful. All these colors and shapes were just amazing. I’d had never felt threatened during the whole time, which lasted about 2 hours. When I would try to communicate, they would try to respond. I counted 35 of them, One would leave the space where they were examining me and another would suddenly appear out of no where.They looked to me as their leader, a teacher of some sort. When it was over and they got what they came for, they gave me a gift. It was a little square object with a bright light in the center of it. It flashed repeatedly for 5 minutes and then I……..well, I must of fainted or something. That’s all I remember.

Synthetic Special (AX-Blue):
I was trapped. No where to go. They chased me up in a corner. It was a plan. When I finally realized what they did, I tried to communicate with them. Though I figured that they probably did not understand our language, I tried to speak in a soothing and soft manner. They just stood there staring. I could see a few of them in the back running around preparing for something. I took that as a indication that something more was going to happen, that they just weren’t satisfied with just seeing me so, I tried to kick one of them. The one closest to me, made this hi pitch cry and jump on my arm and bit it. These few figures are all I have left. As I begin to get dizzy from the pain, I began to see a bright flickering light. A few second later, I fainted and woke up in middle of the forest near my home. I’ve never told anyone this not, even my family.