AbuQadim Haqq – The Escape Velocity print


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The Escape Velocity and Axis Records commission famed Detroit futurist/artist AbuQadim Haqq to create our debut cover image. This breathtaking creation comes from Haqq’s extensive know-ledge and participation within Techno Music for over 30 years. The meaning of this image reflects our title and scientific definition of the Escape Velocity.

Limited copies of 8 editions
Autographed and numbered by the Artist
Size: 24 x 24 inch (60x60cm)
Mat finish/ 8mm paper weight / Unframed

AbuQadim Haqq:

AbuQadim Haqq (b. 1968) – also known as Haqq and the Ancient – is an artist best known for his long-time artistic stewardship over the visual aesthetic of the original wave of Detroit techno. Born and raised in Detroit, his artwork has also been used and featured  by artists and labels from Juan Atkins, Transmat, Planet E and Underground Resistance. His visual style is highly influenced by classic sci-fi and Japanese animation. Haqq is the founder of Third Earth Visual Arts and continues to live and work in Detroit.