Blade Runner


Sold Out


Jeff Mills


12” Vinyl

Inspired by Ridley Scott’s sci-fi movie “Blade Runner”, Jeff Mills produces a quick 12″ single soundtrack (3 tracks) that expands upon Scott’s storyline from another perspective. Composing dark cinematic orchestrations with complex sequences, Mills shaves off the “Hollywood R rating” and constructs tracks that are bold, dangerous and right at the edge of a new era of electronic music. Here, Mills takes a progressive step further and transports traditional electronic music sounds to a classical music form. The result is marvelous and opens up a whole chapter to explore through. Though the track “Deckard” (A-side) was previously released in 1998 (on the “Art Of Connecting” LP), the other tracks were never released. Instead, Mills chose to create the soundtrack for Fritz Langs’ Metropolis (Axis/Tresor). If you compose electronic music, a sci fi movie fan or an actual Blade Runner, this is designed for you.

Track Listing:
A. Deckard
B1.  Human Tracking Device
B2.  The Light That Burns Brightest