Casual Treatment – The Appearance Of Life


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Casual Treatment


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The Origin of what made life form possible on Earth has always been a source of great questioning for mankind since thousands of years.
What factors influence planetary habitability and the course of planetary evolution?
How special is the Earth and our solar system?
How can space missions help inform these questions?
Those are only few of the many interrogations necessary to try and understand what led our planet to host life.
This album explores the different elements behind this query through some concepts used to seek to discover what made existence on Earth possible.

Casual Treatment:
Born in Paris in 1996, Casual Treatment developed in his teens a passion for Techno, its history and aesthetics. Inspired by artists like Jeff Mills, Surgeon and many others, the factors behind this avant-garde and futuristic music became a fascination resulting in a thirst to express oneself through it. Refusing to comply to current standards, the pandemic presented itself as the perfect time for experimentation in more abstract and conceptual musical pieces, leading to the birth of this album for Axis.

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